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It can take time to attract potential buyers to your home. You also have to consider repairs, staging and paperwork. If you're trying to sell your house quickly, contact Tim T Properties. We're one of the leading providers of cash offers for properties in the Hammonton, Ventnor City and surrounding South Jersey Areas.

We'll buy your home in its current condition. No need for repairs, no commissions or hidden fees. You can trust that the no-obligation cash offer you're given is the amount you'll receive.

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Quality homes with more value than what the sale prices are. Great work by all.


I live in one of your flips.. has zero issues only compliments and offers to buy !! Appreciate you


Thank you Tim T. Properties for taking pride in your work. Good luck in all of your endeavors and keep up the great work you put out there because people will appreciate you and never forget the name Tim T Properties.


I'd buy 10 houses from Tim if I could afford them! This coming from a Tim T Properties homeowner! I couldn't love my house anymore than I do but every house I see you flipping I want! And you don't just disappear after the sale! I've called you a few times with questions and you've always helped me out! You're the best!


I'd argue they're the best true flippers in our area when it comes to volume, quality and speed.
Always grateful for the opportunity to work together and learn from the best.


Best in the business


Tim, thanks man. Our family is enjoying the house we purchased from you. You are a great person to buy from. Love egging your homes.


Your work is amazing and you make it sound so easy!! I refer you to everyone I know because I'm living in a Tim T flip and I loved it the minute I walked in it and still do 4 years later!


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  • Avoid costly repairs and replacements
  • Reduce the stress of dealing with the housing market
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